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The Body in Its Seasons

Published April 2022

Madeleine Ekezie has done everything right, but she is deeply lonely. When she discovers the story of The Body - a maybe mythical, definitely magical being who feeds the hungry and soothes the hurt - Maddy blows her life up to find it. The Body in Its Seasons is a poetic journal of Maddy’s obsession, compiled in footnotes, conversations and diary entries.

Tell me who we were before life made us

Published June 2021

This is an anthology about imagined histories. Featuring poetry inspired by fairy tales, folklore, creation myths, founding myths, urban and family legends. Here are our counterfactuals, our apocrypha, our ‘What If’s? Here are over 30 answers to the question: "which stories make us who we are?"

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Vivat Regina

Published February 2019

Vivat Regina riffs on literature and folklore, responding to Edmund Spenser’s epic poem, the Faerie Queene. Weaving together fae mythology, flowers and heraldry, Vivat Regina is an exploration of a woman's hunt for power, the violence it brings and the fight to stop her.

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Here and Queer: A Queer Girl's Guide to Life

Published May 2022

This vibrant, inclusive guide, designed for all kinds of girls, is designed to help you be the strongest, proudest, happiest version of yourself! A celebration of the gift of queerness, it's packed full of heartfelt advice, comforting stories, and stylish illustrations, and will give you the tools you need to explore your own identity, on your own terms.

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Queer Lit


The Best New British And Irish Poets 2019-2021

Published June 2021

Judged by Nick Makoha and Amira Ghanim, this collection spans over 3 years to bring you the latest talent!
Our fourth annual Best New British and Irish Poets anthology strings together a diverse and multilayered group of 100 poets from across the UK and Ireland, and offers a platform to some of the most engaging new voices writing in the English language today.

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On Relationships

Published January 2020

A collection of poetry, prose and art about the relationships we have with ourselves and with others.

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The Little Book of Fairy Tales

Published November 2019

A selection of short stories influenced heavily by Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends. Packed into this little book is a curation of beautifully written, original and re-imaginations of beloved Fairy Tales. Suitable for YA readers upwards, this book explores the highs and lows of life. There are tragedies, love stories and triumphs in this humble book. Written by and about minorities.

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