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Orpheus & Eurydice R&D

About the Project

Shortlisted for the 2023 Homotopia Award, this queer adaptation imagines Orpheus and Eurydice as a lesbian couple trying to build a lasting love out of their respective trauma. Torn apart by a hate crime, Orpheus refuses to let death be the end. But in refusing to accept the inevitable, she loses so much more than her partner.

This play is a love letter to butch/femme relationships and queer friendships, exploring how love leaves us both uniquely fulfilled and uniquely vulnerable.

We are conducting an R&D from Tuesday 31st October until Friday 3rd November at HOME. 

All roles are paid a small stipend for travel and subsistence, with an ACE bid pending.

About the Artist

Maz Hedgehog is a Black, nonbinary writer and performer. They’ve worked with organisations like the National Gallery and Manchester Pride on work that’s lyrical, imaginative and frequently inspired by folklore and mythology. 

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Production Team

We are looking for:
Set Designer
Stage Manager
Rehearsal Photographer 

Note: All roles have a strong preference for Black queer people and welcome applications from trans and non-binary performers.

How to Apply

Send a CV and/or portfolio to by 17th September.


Interviews will take place between 23rd-30th September


Note: All roles have a strong preference for Black queer performers and welcome applications from trans and non-binary performers.

How to Apply

Send a CV and self-tape to by 24th September.


Auditions will take place between 2nd-6th October



Phoebe has a nose for bullshit and isn't afraid to say where the cow went number two.

Snarky and loving, she’s seen too many friends go through an endless stream of shitty relationships. She loves them all, but she's sick to the back teeth of picking up the pieces.


  • Woman: Playing age late-20s to late-30s



Eurydice is femme, fabulous and queer as in "fuck you".

Relentlessly optimistic, endlessly emotional and unafraid to hit back, they do no harm but take no shit. That said, they fall in love more often than is prudent and no matter how many times they get their heart broken, it never hurts any less.


  • Non-binary person: Playing age late-20s to mid-30s



Orpheus knows she’s the depressed musician stereotype, but can’t help it.
Between an absent mother, a traumatising time as an Argonaut and life generally being unkind to butches, she’s not ready to get her heart broken again. But maybe this time it’s different.


  • Butch/stud/masc woman actor-musician: Playing age mid- to late-30s



Calliope is the Muse of Epic Poetry and Orpheus' Mother. She has lived too long and seen too much to understand her mortal daughter.

Persephone is the Queen of Spring and the Underworld. She knows that the line between the two is much thinner than most believe. Nature isn't nice, neither is she.


  • Woman: Playing age over 40



Charon is the ferryman to the Underworld. They’re old and merciless, unmoved by mortal suffering.

Hades is Lord of the Underworld. A  rigid and unfeeling bureaucrat, his first loyalty is to his domain and only his wife can change his mind


  • Any gender: Playing age over 40

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