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The body in its seasons

"This book is a joy to read and a catalyst for deeper understanding of the world - I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys poetry, experimental fiction, and powerful narratives."

Read the full review by Becki Smith

"Maz writes poems that pull you in and caress you before making you question your entire understanding of the world. This collection takes what we know of poetry, ourselves and each other and pushes all those boundaries to create beautiful moments we can escape into.  I am envious I didn’t write these poems.""

afshan d'souza-lodhi

The Body in Its Seasons (cover).png

Vivat Regina

"Maz Hedgehog manages to balance between strong, many layered metaphorical descriptions with a comprehensive narrative that dwells on poignant themes."

Read the full review by Beth O’Brien

"Vivat Regina heralds an exciting, new voice in the world of speculative poetry. As someone almost said in a Star Wars film, 'I’ll follow her career with interest'"

Read the full review by Ian Hunter

Theatre Performance

Let Me Count the Ways


"Let Me Count the Ways is Maz Hedgehog’s rose-petalled explosion onto the stage"

Read the full review by Megan Hyland

"If this is what post-pandemic theatre will be like — a celebration of queer love and fat acceptance, then we certainly have a bright future ahead."

Read the full review by Rebecca Tessier

"Let Me Count the Ways is an hour where love, ultimately, is a force that heals."

Read the full review by Jamie King


"it takes some doing to stand up to the captivating force of this Oberon, but Titania, played by Maz Hedgehog, is up to the challenge. Amongst an entire thesaurus of adjectives, the pair are quite simply sexy as hell."

Read the full review by Sacha Crowther

"Limerence is a brilliant and powerful opener, wonderfully performed by Maz Hedgehog and written by Abena Taylor-Smith"

Read the full review by Conor Cooper

Theatre Writing


"Unsurprisingly, the incredible poet Maz Hedgehog has penned a stunning short play in Burdens. The complex mother and daughter story is rich, deep and truly beautiful."

Read the full review by Peter Ruddick

"It was refreshing to see PoC points of view in the LGBTQ+ community. Box Braids needs a full commission."

Audience Feedback from OutStageUs, 2021

Hope Mill.png

“The Red Queen and Other Monsters” delivers a beautifully crafted narrative celebrating the strength and resilience of women whose voices have often been overlooked throughout literary history.

Read the full review by Mahak Khan

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