maz Hedgehog

Writer & Performer



I am a writer and peformer working in the spaces between real and unreal, poetry and theatre, self and other. A founding member of Ink & Curtain Theatre Company, my work is lyrical and imaginative, frequently inspired by folklore and mythology. 

Maz Hedgehog is "The aural equivalent of a Renaissance painting"

- Kerry Ely

Maz Hedgehog is "a bright, fearless poetry star"

- Jamie King


Let Me Count The Ways

Let Me Count the Ways is a spoken word show about intimacy, boundaries and healing. It looks at how love can help us face the difficult, complicated mess of life. Featuring sapphic witches getting day drunk in summer and queer femmes swapping highlighters, I've performed it in Manchester, Hounslow and Camden. Touring 2022

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